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Termly updates, LAMDA Exams and general news for Surrey School of Speech & Drama

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Work with Hey Gen & Synsthsia

Samantha recently became an Avatar for the above-mentioned A.I generated platforms that enable visual story telling for corporate in house training.


Recent acting jobs include Spotify Drama podcasting The Knights of Avalon, listen here

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Bacchae Theatre recent Production

Samantha's production of Five Lesbians Easting a Quiche debuted at The Actors in Brighton as part of Femfest; Brighton's only feminist arts festival that exclusively celebrates the work of women, trans and non-binary artists. For one night only and performing to a packed house it was an epic success!

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Enrichment Beyond The Classroom

Here is one of our students at LAMDA Head Quarters on 19th March excited for her very last exam!

And a successful student passing her LAMDA Level 3 Certificate in Performance

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All LAMDA exams take place annually at our very new private examination centre at The Nomad Theatre for all online and face to face students.  This space is where students rehearse face to face once a term and can enjoy the experience a working theatre

Please note this is for KS3/4/5 only.  Fees are a standard 30 minutes for Samantha and 40 minutes for Sebastian

Read more: The Nomad Theatre

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